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Well, yesterday I get home and I notice that Baron had moved all his stuff around, and then I noticed a little travel bottle of ibprofen that was on my chair, open... and thank heavens that he didn't eat the 4 that were in the bottle. He left them alone after he dumped them on my chair. I also have lost one of my Teva sport sandals. Now that was my own fault. I wasn't thinking about them having a nylon mesh type area where you put your foot, also is like some of his toys. So... had to toss my sandals. Thankfully they weren't that much since I had gotten them on sale. But can't fault Baron, it was my own idiotic lapse of judgment.

So anyways, after many hours of playing around with the help of Sean and Melzer, he got tuckered out. I think I was more tired after all that though and conked out at about 9:30. It is amazing how the lil guy is changing my life already. I am waking up better, happier when I head in to work (other than having to leave him behind) and get full attention of my presence when I walk in the door. I've missed having a dog and I'm glad Sam and I made this step.

Unfortunately Sam was on call last night, so he kept wondering where she was. But good that she's home now and is able to play with him, since I have class tonight and wont be able to see either of them until after 10. Boo...

Anyways, back to work...



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