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Well, yesterday I get home and I notice that Baron had moved all his stuff around, and then I noticed a little travel bottle of ibprofen that was on my chair, open... and thank heavens that he didn't eat the 4 that were in the bottle. He left them alone after he dumped them on my chair. I also have lost one of my Teva sport sandals. Now that was my own fault. I wasn't thinking about them having a nylon mesh type area where you put your foot, also is like some of his toys. So... had to toss my sandals. Thankfully they weren't that much since I had gotten them on sale. But can't fault Baron, it was my own idiotic lapse of judgment.

So anyways, after many hours of playing around with the help of Sean and Melzer, he got tuckered out. I think I was more tired after all that though and conked out at about 9:30. It is amazing how the lil guy is changing my life already. I am waking up better, happier when I head in to work (other than having to leave him behind) and get full attention of my presence when I walk in the door. I've missed having a dog and I'm glad Sam and I made this step.

Unfortunately Sam was on call last night, so he kept wondering where she was. But good that she's home now and is able to play with him, since I have class tonight and wont be able to see either of them until after 10. Boo...

Anyways, back to work...

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Well, a new addition to our lives by the name of Baron, has been keeping me busy the past couple of days. He is a year old dachshund/mini-pincher mix (best guess by his stature and structure), that can go from 0-180 mph back to 0 in nothing flat. We adopted him from the Anti-Cruelty shelter in Chicago, and he had me from the minute he gave me the same look my old Lab, Jester, did when he picked me out from behind those bars. He's very sociable, non threatening and loves giving you kisses. To the point, with me, I had to clean off my glasses last night.

What is amazing though, is that he has clearly been around a family before because of his mannerisms. He is cautious if he doesn't know he can play with something. I had to give him each on of his toys by hand before he would start playing with them. He also has made himself right at home and takes stairs like a little bullet. The other thing we have noticed is that he is a jumper. He has a little longer torso, so it makes me a bit concerned, but he cleared the back of my chair the last night, just to say hi, with a fuzzy soccer ball I got for him yesterday.

He is also good at amusing himself for hours by nipping his toys and then whipping them across the room, get them and do the process all over again. Speaking of getting some toys and so forth, I came down stairs yesterday morning to take him out for a walk (everyone needs to use the lil boys room after they get up in the morning) and found one of my birkenstock sandals sitting by my chair. I was confused at first where the other one was, but realized that I had left them back by the sliding glass door. Well, later after I left, he had very gently picked one up, brought it upstairs, hopped up on the bed and dropped it next to Sam since she was still laying down at the time, it being her day off.

Later, he did the same thing, but brought both of them to her, one at a time. He has not done this with any other shoes that we have out. And he is very gentle with them. I found him last night with his head shoved into the sandal itself and rolling around having a gay old time.

Today is his first day by himself. So far he has had no accidents what so ever, and when Sam had to leave for a couple of hours yesterday, found himself a blanket (though we have a bed for him downstairs) to curl up on after he tugged it off the ottoman. So we will see how he does today.

It's been over 10 years since I last had a dog, and I am remembering why, and what I have missed about have a dog. You come home, and no matter how bad of a day you've had, someone is overjoyed at seeing you. They want to be near you, even if its just chilling next to your chair nipping at their favorite toy, or sleeping on your lap/chest (he''s got a long body and likes being up on my chest for some reason). It's different with cats, since they are more independent, they can be happy to see you but then ignore you for hours on end, until *they* want something. If you pick up a ball and waggle it for your pup, he'll get excited and play, even if he's tired...

So anyways, enough from a proud poppa... more later after I get real work done.

- Chris
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Hm, colors. That's neat....
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... people that you are close with, would communicate and share things with you. Might help better understand things, or why they ignore you when in the same room.... but alas, the fuck do I know.
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So when you are young, you have dreams that you will aspire to greatness. Be firefighter, fighter pilot, air/sea rescue diver, or a velociraptor. Well, life sure does throw its best at you to dash those dreams, and one day you find yourself sitting inside of a cubical (with a window mind you...!) staring at the "to-do" list that continues to grow with every breath you take, and it makes you pause and reflect to what you wanted to be and how you wanted your life to turn out.

Turns out... not quite that glorious vision you once had.

In fact, no where close to it.

You are thankful for what you have, what you have been through, but also look around at certain people and wonder why their "according to plan" always works out, when you have to fight, tooth and nail, to get just a bit further than you currently are.

Oh well, life is like poker it seems like, you play with the cards dealt to you and hope you won't lose it all on the river.

This post has no actual point, other than reflecting can be both good and bad. Happy and sad times behind you, and fear in front of you.


Aug. 25th, 2009 12:24 pm
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Welp, there went all that BS from the past. Not sure if I'll actually do anything with this, but what the hell.


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